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Climate change starts
in the ground.

Our regenerative agricultural principles create a system of farming and grazing practices that can reverse climate change by building healthy, biologically diverse and mineral rich soils, all the while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

We support the restoration of trees, native vegetation and forests. By planting native bush foods such as macadamias, Davidson plums and finger limes, we integrate the benefits of nature back into our farming methods. These plants originate from the area and are well adapted to the local environment and climate, facilitating regenerative and environmentally efficient management. Planting 15,000 macadamias alongside interrow cropping will contribute towards extending row width and improving the environment for the existing maturing trees. The finger limes and Davidson plums will be planted alongside the Banyula Rainforest to closely mimic the natural landscape they originated from.

Banyulas cattle herds are rotationally grazed within the farm’s beautiful environment, roaming an area of lush grasslands and forests. We continually manage the stocking rate and carrying capacity of our pastures to ensure that our cattle can regenerate and expand our natural capital for many more generations to come.

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