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Banyula is an integrative reforestation project extending from the Big Scrub (“The Booyong Rainforest Reserve”) remnants of the rainforest across the lands of Banyula Farms.


Ban yu (h) la

Many Trees

Improve Biodiversity

Climate stability is supported by  functioning ecosystems. These natural systems form a united whole, providing ecological life support including the supply of oxygen, clean air and water, pollination of plants and pest control, as well as spiritual and cultural benefits.  Each element plays a role in the overall harmony. 

Vegetable Garden & Cover Cropping

In partnership with O`Grady Rural we have added multi-species cropping in our interrows, paddocks and eucalyptus forests. This increases diversity in farming systems by growing a variety of different plants together. We believe this improves soil health and supports the neighboring native species.

Hollistic Cattle Management

By partnering with a local regenerative cattle grazer, we take a holistic approach to our cattle management. It focuses on the cattle’s mental, social and physical well-being whilst playing a fundamental role in regenerating our soils. This is achieved by keeping families together, providing a healthy mix of fresh vegetation in the ground and access to fresh clean water, and by active rotational grazing which mimics the natural movement of cattle. This gives the pasture a chance to recover fully before it is re-grazed, which benefits soil and wildlife and ensures that manure is evenly spread.

Water cycle restoration

& management

Holistically managing our land addresses the important overall aspect of restoring the natural water cycles that enable the soil to absorb water when it rains and release it when it is needed. A key element is our project’s agroforestry, where trees and plants are interspersed with crops and pasture, enhancing the land’s capacity to store water.  One percent more carbon in the soil increases the soil’s water retention capacity by 160,000 litres per hectar.

Back on Country

We want to share our journey with you. By coming on country and connecting with nature we hope our community will share in our journey. There will be many ways to visit on-country, such as a nature hike through the rainforest, overnight stays in our eco cabins or simply a daytime visit to see the koalas.

Trapping CO2

By extending the Big Scrub and adding cover crops, thereby moderating air and soil temperature, we will draw down more CO2 from the air into the soil, thus cleaning the air, repairing water cycles, improving biodiversity, enhancing soil organic matter and growing healthier food and livestock.

With Banyula we embrace​

Save the Koalas

Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we have reserved 25 hectares for a koala habitat to provide a secure home for this endangered species. Many varieties of eucalyptus will be planted to provide a varied diet for the health and well-being of the local koalas.

Rainforest Plantings &

Forest Regeneration

Partnering with Re-Forest Now we are planting 300,000 rainforest trees, regenerating existing camphor trees and monocultural forests and supporting the natural biosystems of our local area. By planting native rainforest trees, we plan to regenerate the remnants of the neighboring Big Scrub, creating a larger rainforest and encouraging local flora and fauna to thrive.

Regenerative Agroforestry

This is where our trees and plants are grown with native bush foods and livestock in a holistic management system using regenerative principles. Through agroforestry we seek positive interaction between the various components, aiming to achieve a more ecologically diverse and socially productive output from the land while improving the overall ecosystem.

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